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E-mail: zhengyong@jswzmx.com
Address: No. 2 Workshop, No. 132 Lane 6, Chunyu Road, Huangdu Industrial Park, Jiading District

      Shanghai Lingying Model Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of hand model, 3D printing, rapid prototype, silica gel replica and related products.
      Our company is a comprehensive hand model company dedicated to the appearance, structure, action function, design and manufacture of hand plate (model), rapid prototyping and hardware processing of industrial products. Model products mainly involve automobiles, motorcycles, electrical appliances, communications, hardware processing, child carriages, baby carriages, sand tables, TP R soft glue production, vacuum duplication, clay carving, mass production and other large and large-scale model processing materials, including various engineering plastics (ABS, PP, PA66, POM, PC, PMMA), metal parts, sheet metal processing, is a professional level of industrial product design and hand plate (model). One of the production companies. Business scope covers small household appliances, multimedia video and digital products, lighting, electronic electric toys, craft gifts, craft jewelry, household appliances, automotive supplies, medical equipment and other industries.
      We have sophisticated automation equipment for hand-plate production and professional talents with advanced working experience in creative concept, adhering to the business philosophy of "research technology, excellent products, customer first, honesty and pragmatism". It will certainly keep the Eagle model on the fast track of development. Welcome new and old customers to inquire: 13761966130

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