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What is the difference between the hand model and the model?

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What is the difference between the hand model and the model?
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Moulds, all kinds of moulds and tools for industrial production. Popularly speaking, it is a tool used to make moulding articles. This tool is composed of various parts. Under the action of external force, the blank becomes a tool for making parts with specific shape and size. Different dies are made up of different parts. It mainly realizes the processing of the shape of the object by changing the physical state of the forming material. Any commodity is manufactured by die, which is widely used in the forming process of products from various industries. Today, we will follow the knitting of the rapid prototype manufacturer.
For example, our common products, such as TV sets, household appliances, mobile phones, telephone shells and other communication equipment, are produced by injecting plastic heating software into the mold for cooling, and the electric rice cooker is also pressed into such a shape by a metal plate with a mold. Die has a specific profile or inner cavity shape. Die is a precision tool with complex shape and bears the expansion force of blank. It has high requirements on structural strength, rigidity, surface hardness, surface roughness and processing accuracy. The development level of die production is one of the important marks of the level of mechanical manufacturing.
The cost of solid mold manufacturing is usually very high. Large-scale mold sets are hundreds of thousands or even millions, especially in the medical industry, millions of molds are very common. If there are unreasonable structure or other problems in the process of installing the die, the loss will be great. Therefore, the appearance, structure and function are generally confirmed by hand plate, and there are no problems before mass production. Hand plate, also known as samples, samples, templates, and in some places it is also called the "first board", that is, the first model of the product. Handplate is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product. It is the most direct and effective way to find out the defects, shortcomings and shortcomings of the design product, so as to improve the defects pertinently, until the shortcomings can not be found out from individual handboard models. Usually, small batch trial production is needed to find out the shortcomings in the batch to improve.
Usually, a product that has just been developed or designed needs to be a hand model. The finished product can not be perfected or even can not be used. Once there are defects in direct production, it will be completely scrapped, which wastes manpower and material resources and time. In general, the hand plate is a small number of samples, short production cycle, less wastage of human and material resources, quickly find out the shortcomings of product design and then improve, to provide adequate basis for product stereotyping and mass production.

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