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What are the precautions in the process of sample production

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What are the precautions in the process of sample production
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There are four kinds of common processing techniques in rapid sample manual plate making. There are mainly CNC hand plate making, 3D printing, manual plate making, vacuum shaping, hand plate making and plate making. These four kinds of hand boards have different manufacturing processes, so we often choose different manufacturing methods according to material, function, quantity and other factors.
In the production of rapid prototype hand plate, no matter which kind of production process will encounter problems or concerns, then what are the precautions in the production process of prototype?
Four major issues are as follows:
(1) To make full use of the efficiency of the NC machining center and arrange the processing technology, we should determine the processing content of the NC machining center, the processing base, the processing benchmark and the processing allowance.
(2) For complex parts, it is very difficult to complete after one clamping because of thermal deformation during processing, internal stress after quenching and deformation after clamping. In this case, two or more clamps can be considered.
(3) In the process of processing, the principle of rough gradient should be followed. Firstly, heavy cutting and rough machining are used to remove the machining allowance on the blank, which results in low machining accuracy.
(4) Large flow cooling method is adopted to reduce the influence of a large amount of heat generated during the processing on the processing accuracy. In order to improve the tool durability, large flow cooling mode should be adopted.

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