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What is the purpose of the hand model?

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What is the purpose of the hand model?
DATE:2019-01-07    HITS:   
Many people will ask what is the use of hand-plate model? Today, I will answer for you the small edition of Jiangsu hand-plate model manufacturer.
1. Appearance Handplate: It is mainly used to inspect the feasibility analysis and judgment of mass production process, such as product size, color matching, material matching, cost evaluation, market investigation, exhibition and exhibition.
2. Structural hand plate: mainly used for the coordination between the internal assembly structure of products, material strength analysis, performance testing, cost assessment, new product investment, etc. If problems are found in the assembly of the project, they can be solved in time, or if customers want to modify the position of the product, they can also be improved through the hand plate, so as to reduce the risk of direct die opening.
3. Low-pressure perfusion and small-batch production: a new technology for small-batch production of large-scale products. It is best to use low-pressure perfusion and small-batch production with a general size of more than 500 mm. Then, before making small-batch products, it is also necessary to make a set of hand-plate models before passing the performance tests to further enhance the feasibility of mass production of new products.

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