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ABS 3D Print


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Product features of ABS 3D printer consumables:
1. The rigidity strength is harder than PLA, with better toughness and stronger stability
2. It is brittle at low temperature, and there will be a smell similar to burning plastic when printing
1. Printing items with relatively high strength requirements, such as pendants;
2. Print articles that need subsequent processing, such as polishing, electroplating, etc
1.ABS material is brittle at low temperature, so pay attention to the heating of the bottom plate;
2. When printing ABS materials, there will be a burning smell similar to that of plastic, so pay attention to the ventilation during printing;

3.ABS material has a relatively high shrinkage rate compared with PLA consumables, so warping may occur during printing. Please pay attention to the perforated bottom plate for printing

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