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PMMA 3D printing

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PMMA 3D printing


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3D printing plastics provide an economical and efficient solution for investment casting wax pattern and design prototype. The production mode of the model is laying powder layer by layer and selectively bonding with binder. The powder particles are PMMA (acrylic plastic) powder.
PMMA, a transparent resin material, is also a liquid photosensitive polymer. It solidifies layer by layer through ultraviolet light to form three-dimensional objects with hard and smooth surfaces. Through surface polishing, the oil is almost transparent, which can be comparable to the injection parts.
PMMA alloy has the characteristics of super-high gloss, high surface hardness, good scratch resistance and excellent weatherability, so as to achieve the goal of non-spraying, the product is environmentally friendly, and the harmony between man and nature is realized.

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