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ABS 3D Print


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ABS is one of the five synthetic resin, its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties, but also has easy processing and products good size stability, surface gloss, easy painting, coloring, also can undertake surface spraying, electroplating, metal welding, hot pressing and adhesion and other secondary processing, widely used in machinery, automobile, electronic appliances, instruments and meters, textile and construction and other industrial areas, is a very versatile thermoplastic engineering plastics.
ABS resin structural formula
ABS material, also known as ABS engineering plastics, is opaque and ivory colored granules, and its products can be colorful and highly gloss. ABS relative density is about 1.05, with low water absorption. ABS combines well with other materials and is easy for surface printing, coating and coating treatment. ABS oxygen index of 18 ~ 20, is a flammable polymer, flame yellow, black smoke, and issued a special odor.
ABS resin is a yellowish solid with a certain toughness and a density of about 1.04~1.06 g/cm3. It is resistant to acid, alkali, salt corrosion ability is strong, but also to a certain extent to withstand the dissolution of organic solvents. ABS resin in 25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ under the environment of normal performance, and has good formability, processing the product surface is bright and clean, easy to dyeing and electroplating. Therefore, it can be used in household appliance shells, toys and other daily supplies. The common lego bricks are ABS products. ABS resin can be mixed with a variety of resins to form a blend, such as PC/ABS, ABS/PVC, PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, etc., resulting in new properties and new application fields, such as: mixing ABS resin and PMMA, to produce transparent ABS resin.

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