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SLS nylon and nylon +GF sintering

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SLS nylon and nylon +GF sintering


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 At present, 3D printing durable nylon materials are mainly used to manufacture functional testing prototype parts, die master and final use parts. A prominent use of durable nylon material in 3D printing is the application of artificial bone manufacturing: SLS technology is used to sinter the scanned data of skull three-dimensional CT to obtain a complete skull model. Compared with other macromolecule materials such as ABS, durable nylon material has a slightly higher processing temperature, and its 3-D printing products have higher toughness than ABS products. Its impact strength is more than 10 times that of PLA products, so it is often used to manufacture parts with high mechanical strength.

Technological superiority
1. Real thermoplastic materials can be directly used in parts and components production.
2. Good surface quality
3. The material has good elasticity and toughness.
4. Strength and Temperature Resistance of Ultra-high Materials
5. No support structure design is completely free; nylon has the advantages of wear resistance, toughness, lightweight, heat resistance, cold resistance, easy moulding, non-toxicity and easy dyeing compared with general plastics.

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