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SLS nylon and nylon +GF sintering

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SLS nylon and nylon +GF sintering


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Nylon 3D printing SLS
Also similar to the SLA process (resin printing), both require laser to cure the material as a whole. Unlike SLS, which USES an infrared laser beam, the material is transformed from a photosensitive resin into a powder of plastic, wax, ceramics, metal or a combination thereof, such as nylon powder. A very thin (submillimeter) layer of raw material powder is unspread on the worktable, and then a computer-controlled laser beam passes through a 3D scanner at a certain speed and energy density, scanning according to the two-dimensional data of the layered surface. The laser-scanned powder is then sintered into solid layers of a certain thickness, leaving the unscanned areas in a loose powder form. At present, most materials produced in China are nylon 3d printing, and most of them are nylon glass fiber 3d printing.
The working principle of
Preheat the powder to a temperature slightly below its melting point, then flatten the powder under the action of a roller or a scraper; Under the control of computer, the high-strength CO2 laser selectively sintered the sections of the parts according to the information of the layered sections and bonded them with the formed parts below. After one layer is completed, the next layer is sintered. After all sintering, the excess powder is removed, and a sintered part can be obtained.
Advantages and disadvantages compared
Suitable for complex mechanism or special geometry parts, nylon 3D printing can meet small batch/customized production
Material strength is good, processing without adding support
Shorter processing cycle and lower cost
Optimize structure and broaden thinking

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