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SLS Nylon and Nylon+GF Sintering

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SLS Nylon and Nylon+GF Sintering


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SLS(Selective Laser Sintering) process for 3D printing is also called Selective Laser Sintering.
Processing principle:
The whole process device is composed of powder and forming cylinder, work powder cylinder piston send powder (piston) rise, spread powder by roll the powder evenly on the forming cylinder piston (piston), covered with a layer of computer according to the control of laser prototype section model of two-dimensional scanning trajectory, selective sintering solid powder materials to form part of a plane. After a layer of powder is finished, the working piston drops a layer thick and the powder spreading system spreads new powder. Control laser beam to scan and sintering the new layer. And so on, layer upon layer, until the three-dimensional parts are formed. Finally, the unsintered powder is recovered into the powder cylinder and the molding part is taken out. For metal powder laser sintering, the whole working table is heated to a certain temperature before sintering, which can reduce the thermal deformation in molding and facilitate the combination between layers.
Features of SLS technology:
Compared with other 3D printer technologies, the most prominent advantage of SLS is that it USES a wide range of molding materials. Theoretically, any powder material that can form interatomic bond after heating can be used as SLS forming material. At present, materials that can be successfully processed by SLS include paraffin wax, polymer, metal, ceramic powder and their composite powder materials. SLS are increasingly widely used due to the variety of SLS forming materials, material saving, the wide distribution of molding parts' properties, and the fact that SLS is suitable for a variety of applications, as well as the fact that SLS does not need to design and manufacture complex support systems.

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