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SLS nylon and nylon +GF sintering

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SLS nylon and nylon +GF sintering


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SLS printing advantage
SLS advantage:
1. Widely available materials. Available materials include nylon, polystyrene and other polymers, iron, titanium, alloy and other metals, ceramics, coated sand and so on;
2. High molding efficiency. Because SLS does not completely melt the powder, it is simply sintered, making it fast.
3. High material utilization rate. The unsintered material can be reused with less material waste and lower cost.
4. No support required. Since the unsintered powder can support the cavity and cantilever part of the model, it is not necessary to design additional supporting structure like FDM and SLA process, and it can directly produce prototypes and components with complex shapes.
5. Wide application. Due to the diversification of molding materials, different molding materials can be selected to make sintered parts for different purposes, which can be used to make prototype design model, mold master mold, investment casting investment mold, casting shell and core, etc.

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