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      SLS(Selected Laser Sintering) powder Sintering equipment, the use of infrared Laser, nylon powder materials (nylon, nylon glass fiber, nylon carbon fiber, nylon aluminum powder, PS material, etc.) layer by layer Sintering, so as to produce three-dimensional products.

SLS nylon powder sintering molding technology can truly achieve any shape, any structure of 3D printing, is a designer's favorite; At the same time, the strong and tough performance of nylon material makes it the first choice for 3D printing of functional assembly test parts.
Technical advantages:
Low proportion of nylon material is light, high temperature resistance, 120-120 ℃, high strength, high toughness;
Nylon and general plastic compared with wear-resistant, tough, light weight, heat resistance, cold resistance, easy to shape, non-toxic, easy to dye and other advantages.
High precision, suitable for forming precision parts.
Printing process without support, can be shaped any product without considering its structure.

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