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SLS Nylon and Nylon+GF Sintering

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SLS Nylon and Nylon+GF Sintering


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SLS powder material selective Sintering (Selected Laser Sintering) is a rapid prototyping process. Selective sintering of powder materials USES carbon dioxide laser to perform selective sintering of powder materials (mixed powder of plastic powder, ceramic and binder, mixed powder of metal and binder, etc.). Before starting the process, heat the chamber filled with nitrogen and keep it at the melting point of the powder. During molding, the feeding cylinder rises and the powder roller moves. First, a layer of powder material is laid on the working platform. Then, the laser beam is controlled by the computer to sintering the powder in the solid part in accordance with the section outline to dissolve the powder
Advantages of SLS rapid prototyping technology are:
1, compared with other processes, can produce the hardest mold.
2, can use a variety of raw materials, such as the vast majority of engineering plastics, wax, metal, ceramics and so on.
3. The construction time of parts is short, up to 1in/h.
4. No post-correction of parts is required.
No design or structural support required.
The greatest advantage of selective sintering is the selection of a variety of materials, suitable for different purposes, the production of prototype products with high hardness, function test can be carried out.

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